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Proposed Dates for 2018-2019

Away teams-Please make sure you check kit colours for your opposition as it is your responsibility to change to your away strip if there is a clash. That's shirts and socks. 



Please ensure sheets are legible and submitted by the deadline. In addition, Results should be sent to the results secretary by 8pm on the day of the match by both teams. Fines may be enforced this season. We have been very lenient the last few years but standards have slipped and it makes it an unnecesssarily tedious task for the League administrators.



Please take note of the Rule amendments (Highlighted below)

Captains Match Day guide has been updated

Please ensure your Registration sheets have been submitted prior to the first League game. Amended copies will be accepted after that date, for new players, so dont delay sending the initial list.


There are 17 Teams in Division 5 so it has been split into A & B divisions with some crossover games at the end as a fill in so that teams have the opportunity to play a similar amount of games as the other divisions. Unfortunately Southgate have now withdrawn from the League (Div 5A) and St Albans, who had attempted to fill the gap, can now no longer participate as expected player numbers did not materialise


Following the AGM on the 12th July there are two rule amendments for you to be aware of:-

  • Rule 8b. The penalty for breaching this rule will also include the result being amended to a 3-0 win to the non-offending team as well as a fine and 2 point deduction. 
  • Player rules for Division 5 will be relaxed to enable clubs to field a team if they have poor availability, as in previous seasons. Its expected, however, that players from higher teams are only used to make up the numbers and help with development and not to ensure a victory. Misuse of this concession may result in the privilege being withdrawn.
  • Umpires need to be Level One in Divisions Premier, One, two and three. However, in Division 3 one umpire can be a Probationary Umpire (aka Provisional or working towards Level 1) as long as the second Umpire is an experienced Level 1. Divisions Four and Five can be Probationary Umpires although it would be good practice if at least one was a Level 1.
  • It was also agreed that Clubs could charge costs to teams who do not stay for Teas and do not give sufficient notice in the week preceding the game.



Features on the Web Site Include:-

Results - Regular updates to Results and Division Tables.

Division Tables - View Tables by clicking on either your Team or Division name in either of the Results or Fixtures sections.

Clubhouse - Contains Club details, Past Winners, Management Committee, Rules and Useful Links

Downloads -Times & Venues and Goalscorers will continue to be shown via spreadsheet download

User Log In -Usernames and Passwords will be issued by the Results Secretary/ Site Administrator. This function will enable Club Reps to update contact details, pitch details etc directly onto the site. Please note: Links to Club web sites will need to be added by the Site Administrator for security reasons.















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